Love Like Mine Release December 15th

For my romance readers, my #SecondChanceRomance story from #KindleVella titled #LoveLikeMine will be available for purchase in ebook/paperbook on Amazon Kindle starting December 15th. Once its edited, I'll be posting the links for the ARC copy if you'd like to be a reviewer. If you haven't been following on Vella, it's the story I envisioned for Haldir and Tessa had they been regular old humans living regular lives. And unlike my paranormal stories, I went full on happily eve

Set to go live this weekend

My Kindle Vella stories are going live on Kindle Vella app and this week. This is a beta test, and once the bugs are worked out, it will be available on Google Play. Vella works a lot like Goodnovel, Anystories, etc. It is a coin based system and I'm capping each chapter between 10 and 15 coins each. I don't plan on going over 50 chapters for any book- but most likely will for the last installment. In addition to being able to read these stories on the Kindle app,