Ebook preorder and paperback is giveaway

Hey everybody! I hope you're doing well. I'm really excited to let you know that the preorder for Breaking the Queen is live at this link The paperback is also live on Amazon at I'm also having a giveaway of a signed paperback and other goodies. You can sign up here. . The winner will be announced on October 21st. If you'd like to be an ARC reviewer, let me know,

Looking for a launch team for October release + new cover reveal

Breaking the Queen will be on pre-order starting 10/10/21 (that was the soonest Amazon would allow). The live release will be 10/21/21 on all major retailers. I'm looking for a team of five to ten people to be on my launch team. It's nothing too major, but it's a super big help for me. If you're interested, please email me at Details: Sharing a post or two about the book on Facebook, IG, Twitter or TikTok Leaving a review on one of the major retailers (

And it is done!

I just hit complete on my Kindle Vella story. Now there's a thirty-day wait period before I can publish to ebook and paperback. I'll also start posting the next book to Vella in the next few weeks. It will be titled the red queen and I'll have a cover for it up soon. Also, keep an eye out for a giveaway for Breaking's launch. I'm planning something kind of special. As soon as I get the green light from KDP, I'll post a link for a pre-order. But if you want to check it out bef


I have around eight chapters left to post to #kindlevella before breaking the queen is complete. Amazon requires a thirty day waiting period before I can release it to ebook and paperback, so it looks as if it will be November when it's finally available to all. I'm going to have a super big witchy giveaway when it happens. I've also started working on the third Tessa book, which I'm calling the red queen. I'm planning to release that, the ranger, the darke princess and the i

Free Copy of The Darke King

Follow this link for a free copy of The Darke King! Share, share, share and leave a review! #thedarkeking #thebrokenimmortals #kindle #kindlevella #authorjwhite #smashwords #barnesandnoble #nook #applebooks #googlebooks #Kobo #paranormalromance #darkfantasy

Book signing event

If you’re within driving distance of Moundsville, WV, I hope to see you there!! #authorjwhite #scarythings #lockedupinwestvirginia #thebrokenimmortals #westvirginiastatepenitentiary #ghosts #haunted #paranormal

Win an Amazon gift card!

The contest is open until August 5th! #kindle #kindlevella #kindlevellastories #kindlevellareaders #kindlevellaromance #kindlevellafantasy #kindlevellaparanormalromance #thebrokenimmortals #authorjwhite #kindlebooks #kindlevellawerewolves

Help please!!

Hey friends and family… If you wouldn’t mind reading the first few free chapters of my new Kindle Vella stories on the kindle app or and leaving a review, I’d be super grateful. #kindlevella #kindlevellastory #vella #thebrokenimmortals #authorjwhite

Set to go live this weekend

My Kindle Vella stories are going live on Kindle Vella app and this week. This is a beta test, and once the bugs are worked out, it will be available on Google Play. Vella works a lot like Goodnovel, Anystories, etc. It is a coin based system and I'm capping each chapter between 10 and 15 coins each. I don't plan on going over 50 chapters for any book- but most likely will for the last installment. In addition to being able to read these stories on the Kindle app,

Try before you buy

I have the free introduction chapters to Tessa's Wolves and some other stories on Wattpad and Scribblehub. Please have a look and leave me a review. I'm hoping to have Breaking the Queen out by the end of July and will be releasing my human world version of Tessa and Haldir (yet to be named) story on Kindle Vella later next month as a serialized story until it's completed. Once it's all wrapped up and edited, I'll be releasing that one in paperback as well. Also for release t