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A woman who’s given up on ever being happy, a work-obsessed man ready to settle down, and a second chance at the love of a lifetime...

When Sadie Walsh discovers her husband of twenty years has been unfaithful, she pours herself into her work and swears off love forever. But when her new boss arrives just in time to witness her life fall apart, she finds out there are a few good men left in her world.

Halvor Olsen is still nursing a broken heart himself, though. When he’s faced with competition for Sadie’s affection, his insecurities push her right into another man’s arms and away from the small town they live in.

But when fate reunites them, will they give love a second chance?


Coming September 2022

A woman in hiding, the men on a mission to protect her, and a secret that can destroy them all...

After losing her husband, Mercy just wants to get on with her life and finds the most remote place in the country to start over. But in a small town where the options are limited, she draws the attention of more than one man determined to win her heart.

When the past comes back to haunt her, though, which man will be the one to save Mercy?

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