Love Like Mine Release December 15th

For my romance readers, my #SecondChanceRomance story from #KindleVella titled #LoveLikeMine will be available for purchase in ebook/paperbook on Amazon Kindle starting December 15th. Once its edited, I'll be posting the links for the ARC copy if you'd like to be a reviewer.

If you haven't been following on Vella, it's the story I envisioned for Haldir and Tessa had they been regular old humans living regular lives. And unlike my paranormal stories, I went full on happily ever after for the main characters, Sadie and Halvor.

And If you haven't checked out my new paranormal beauty from the Broken Immortals Universe, Hunted, use the free coins and chapters to catch up on Vella and leave me a review.

All my love! Have a great day!

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