Set to go live this weekend

My Kindle Vella stories are going live on Kindle Vella app and this week. This is a beta test, and once the bugs are worked out, it will be available on Google Play.

Vella works a lot like Goodnovel, Anystories, etc. It is a coin based system and I'm capping each chapter between 10 and 15 coins each. I don't plan on going over 50 chapters for any book- but most likely will for the last installment.

In addition to being able to read these stories on the Kindle app, you have access to tons of books from many fabulous authors.

Once these stories are completed on Vella and have thoroughly beta read and edited, I will be releasing them on all major retailers as well.

Hope you'll come to Vella or and check it out!

A little about the books-Love Like Mine is a story loosely based of of the characters of Tessa, Haldir, Logan and Jacob as human beings living normal lives. Sadie (Tessa) is a soon-to-be divorced woman learning to love again. And it's a little spicy! Plus- y'all know I love to chop, chop people in my stories like a serial killer, but everyone comes through this story okay, I promise.

Breaking the Queen is the continuation of Queen of Ruin. NOT A LOVE STORY! If you come looking for a happily ever after for Tessa...don't. She has a long road ahead of her with lots of twists and turns over the next few books. But if you know Tessa, you know there's going to be some heat!

I'm also working on the next Tessa book which hasn't been named yet, The Ranger and The Darke Princess.

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