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Copy of my newsletter for the month...

If you live in the U.S. and don't mind checking out my Kindle Vella stories, you can read for FREE! The first three episodes are free to read and you get 200 free coins should you choose to continue. It costs you nothing and would really help me out tremendously! Both of these stories will eventually become traditional e-books and paperbacks available on Amazon later this year.

The first- Mercy is an age-gap romance. I'm having a little creative dilemma with this story that I could use your feedback on. Right now, it's set up as a love triangle-type story. But I'm flirting with the possibility of making it a ménage à trois because I'm in love with both the male characters. It's a contemporary romance that is part of my small-town series with more mature characters (35+).

Option one would lead to a two book series. Option two would be a single standalone book. I would love for you to message me and tell me your thoughts.

The second story -Watched will be in my Tales of the Immortals series. It is a vampire book that I'm planning to release as an ebook in July. This series runs parallel to my The Broken Immortals series and takes place on the same timeline of the other series, just with a different group of characters in the same universe.

These stories are very much a work in progress and may not be the finished product.

I'm going to be doing a giveaway with every newsletter now, so be sure to look out for them on the 15th of every month plus release days (the 1st of the month usually).

Today's giveaway is for a $15 Amazon gift card. The drawing will be on May 1st.

Lastly, I had lots of requests by readers for additional scenes through Voli's perspective in Hunted. I wasn't going to do it because I liked the whole disjointed, mentally-unwell, drug-induced mess that is Rowena Shipton. But here I am working on those extra scenes anyway lol!

It should be ready to roll out by May 15th. If you purchased on Kindle, you can re-sync to receive the update on release day. If you bought the paperback, I'm going to have an exchange program when the updates go live. It is an additional ten chapters of material all from Voli/Joseph/Tucker/Amber's perspectives that should fill in the gaps of Rowena's fractured mind.

The prequel for this story- Claimed (that title may change) will be out later this year as will the fourth Tessa story (The Forgotten Queen- title also may change).

Thanks so much for supporting me and have a great day!

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