I have around eight chapters left to post to #kindlevella before breaking the queen is complete. Amazon requires a thirty day waiting period before I can release it to ebook and paperback, so it looks as if it will be November when it's finally available to all. I'm going to have a super big witchy giveaway when it happens.

I've also started working on the third Tessa book, which I'm calling the red queen. I'm planning to release that, the ranger, the darke princess and the immortal's mate all at the same time before the end of the year. That will be followed by the fourth Tessa book and the final book in the series, both untitled right now.

I'm also working on some other romance and paranormal books for next year and beyond (about 13 so far i have planned out)

If you haven't picked up your free download of the darke king, use this link

Also don't forget to visit my vella books in you are in the US (hopefully available worldwide soon)

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