A warrior princess sent on an impossible mission, the prince who decided she was worth saving, and the evil that will tear their world apart...

To punish me for being born a woman, my father ordered me and my forces to invade bear country, knowing I would never return. When my entire army is taken by the enchanted forest, Prince Joseph takes me captive and forces me to live amongst his people to give me a new chance at life.

When the long-gone king returns from his quest to save this world from evil, Joseph honors him by instituting an ancient rite...the mating chase.

Now a citizen of this backward land, I'm forced to run with the other unattached women. With twenty minutes to get as far away as possible before the men are released, I can taste my freedom just beyond the horizon.

But just as I step foot past the territory border, a force from out of nowhere knocks me to the ground.

Gold eyes, like the sun coming over these mountains, stared down at me, and The Mighty laid his claim.

Claimed is book one of the series The Tales of the Immortals, a collection of dark paranormal romantic fantasy stories.

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A woman haunted by her demons, the beast that traveled across the universe to find her, and the world waiting for them to return...

The moment I stepped off the plane in this remote Alaskan town, I walked straight into a nightmare when I'm kidnapped.

Blindfolded and dumped in the forest, I have twenty minutes to run as far as possible before the men are released for their annual mating hunt.

But will the handsome sheriff rescue me in time? Or is he the monster I need to be rescued from?

Hunted is a story from the series Tales of the Immortals, a dark paranormal fantasy collection.

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A woman with a fuzzy past, the man who watches her every move, and the ancient secret waiting to reveal itself...

Ida's mine. She just doesn't know it yet. For two hundred years, I've watched and waited for her. And now, she's finally within my grasp. I've rid her of her worthless, cheating husband. Made her wealthy beyond her wildest dreams.

Today I'm claiming what belongs to me finally. I am the watcher, and she is my mate.



A not very special witch starting over in a sleepy little mountain town, three brothers who all have her in their sights, and one very hot summer... A reverse harem romance from The Tales of the Immortals Series.

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